Professor Bamfield's Rare-Breed Pigs
Saddleback pig
oink oink in French

What Sound do Pigs Make?:

People have very different ideas about the sounds that pigs make.

First: Do Pigs Have Regional Accents?

This is the sound of a West Country (Somerset) pig. Hear that burr or drawl.

This is the sound of a pig from Robin Hood country in Nottinghamshire.

Did the Nottingham pig sound more Northern?

Second: Do Pigs make Different Sounds in Different Countries?

So, which is the nearest? For my money, the French are probably best (try it with your best Parisian accent, roll them rs).

The Old MacDonald Farm Sound. To obtain really authentic pig sounds you need to assemble between three and 50 excited children of any age and get them to sing 'Old MacDonald had a farm'. Verse three goes,

'And on that farm there were some PIGS, Ee-I, Ee-I, Oh!'

The children then make pig noises. However the sounds they make for Old MacDonald's pigs certainly don't involve 'oink, oink'.

So why, if everyone knows that pigs never say 'oink, oink' do we pretend that they do?

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